Scared of low-rise bottoms making a comeback?

By Alejandra Hernandez

If you’ve been feeling a little scared knowing low-rise bottoms are slowly making a comeback, welcome. You are in the right place. You know? Most people have a hard time accepting this look and it’s completely fine. It all started with the Miu Miu miniskirt set all over Instagram and then some brands like Versace and Bottega Veneta added this silhouette to their collections. Plus, low rise bottoms are seen more than ever (since 2005) on the streets. But hey, don’t worry. We are here to help you fall in love with this trend because guess what? Everyone can wear it. But we promise that you can continue to wear mom jeans if you don’t like it!

You’ll never know if low-rise jeans are for you until you try them on, seriously

Although it sounds easier than it really is, finding a good pair of low-rise jeans can make your body look fantastic. Look at it this way: If you need a look for a party, you try on a lot of dresses until you find the right one, right? It’s the same with this look! If you didn’t like how the first ones you tried on turned out, try more! We guarantee you’ll find a pair just for you. But don’t knock them ’til you try them!

If jeans were not your thing, try with skirts!

What’s better than wearing a beautiful skirt for summer? Feel free to try many of them to find out which one’s for you. It doesn’t have to be that Miu Miu mini, a midi skirt would do just fine, specially if you are just starting with the low-rise trend.

When in doubt, styling is your BFF!

A big coat will always complement a look. If you feel awkward wearing low-rise jeans at first, try wearing a long coat or jacket to make you feel comfy. You’ll start getting used to this trend day by day. Remember, don’t be afraid to try any look you like but always wear what makes you feel amazing!

No belly needed

On a final note, don’t believe that you have to show your tummy to follow this trend. A masculine shirt pairs perfectly with hip hugging pants and feels modern, in a 2000s way.

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