How is fashion reacting to the crisis in Ukraine?

By Alejandra Hernandez

Russia’s invasion began two weeks ago and with it, worldwide concern for the atrocities committed to the Ukrainian people. But how’s the fashion industry reacting to this crisis?

Social media is playing an important role, helping Ukrainians show every detail of their lives since the war began, making the world witness their plight and inviting help in any possible way. Because of that, fashion brands have also started contributing to the relief of those affected, specially with the help of social media.

Although many of us feel completely helpless right now, the industry’s efforts and significant tributes hope to spread the consequences of this war as widely as possible to inspire help from individuals and support from nations.

LVMH’s 5-million-euro donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross

Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, founded in 1987 and owner of 76 brands in the world, decided to donate to the Red Cross, as well as to temporarily close its 124 boutiques in Russia, and launching a fundraising campaign in support of the ICRC to facilitate the contributions of employees across the group, all of its 76 fashion houses.

Balenciaga takes on the war in Ukraine

Fashion enthusiasts were moved as big black coats flew out around models, trash bags looking purses (apparently filled with belongings) appeared on the runway and long dresses streamed backwards due to a billowing storm, while lightening flashed in the obscured sky. Demna, Balenciaga’s creative director, put on a show the industry will never forget. A snow globe that reminded the hardship faced by those confronted to war. As a refugee of the Georgian war himself, he understand the position of the Ukrainian people and has opened the brand’s social media outlets to communicate ways to help them.

Prada Group donates to the UNHCR

5 days ago, Prada made a statement on Instagram; the brand was providing a donation to the UN Refugee Agency and joining forces with the National Chamber for Italian Fashion. They also shared a link for everyone to contribute.

Vogue Ukraine’s message

While most brands are working towards ceasing any collaborations with Russia, Vogue Ukraine urged major fashion companies to place an embargo to show conscience and choosing humanity over monetary benefits. They also promise not to be silent during these dark times, as they have a strong voice in social media. Condé Nast has stopped publication of its Russian titles.

CLICK HERE for ways to help Ukraine as a foreigner. This website is constantly updated according to the needs of the Ukrainian resistance and refugees.