A zen speakeasy in the heart of Paris

By Gabriela Cambero

An office building in the 10th arrondisement of Paris is not where you would imagine to find a relaxing spot, but it’s exactly where Alaena has conceived a zen oasis in the middle of the city. The cosmetics maison started with a spa in Biarritz, its home town, and has arrived with its natural lifestyle to the French capital.

Maison Alaena opened its doors last July and has since become a true escape of the bustle of Paris, offering a refuge of inside-out wellness. Perched on top of a building and in a warm minimalist setting, visitors will find there a spa, a hammam, a tea room, micro-nutrition consultations and even yoga classes (with a view over the roofs of Paris, no less).

The philosophy of the maison is to offer a truly sustainable and natural approach to wellness, where skin problems are, more often than not, solved from within, with changes in diet and improvement of habits. This is why classic spa treatments and massages are joined by personalised medical consultations, depending on each client’s specific issues.

Even if you’re there just to enjoy a tea on the terrace, from the moment you step inside, you feel a sense of separation from the speed and hustle of the daily life, and the impression of doing nice for your body because, of course, you can be sure everything on the menu is nutritious and low in sugar (and yummy!).

While you’re there, discover Alaena Cosmétique, the organic cosmetics brand at the heart of the maison, which offers medical formulations (developed by founder Dr. Sylvie Peres), with the cleanest most natural ingredients there are. Their most recent launch, the anti-blemish serum, was created to help eliminate acne on adults, and is specially recommended to women susceptible to have outbreaks of acne around their periods.

32 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris