Your shopping guide directly from the streets of London

By Alejandra Hernandez

One of the best things about fashion month is, without a doubt, the street style. If you’ve been following our Fashion Week coverage, you’ll know how it evolves season by season and how it changes dramatically from one city to another. Have you ever wondered how much impact trends created on the street have in the industry? From designers to attendees, they help all fashion enthusiasts know what’s coming up next and what needs to be worn now. In cold New York’s fashion week, animal prints, colorful coats and rain boots were seen. But what will London offer this season? Make your shopping list from these trends:

Say yes to Zebra purses!

Looking to buying a new bag? Make a statement with a zebra print purse like Flora Macdonald at LFW. Urban Outfitters has a perfect cross body bag from HVISK, a Danish brand inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen, that will make you look stylish and comfortable at the same time…

Sarah Harris’ Ray-Bans

Harris decided to join the Ray-Ban club by wearing Original Wayfarer sunglasses to LFW and yes, we still love them. If you need to buy new shades, these beauties will always be iconic and easy to match with any outfit.

Green Bomber Jackets are here, again!

Remember the last time you wore a bomber jacket? Though it seemed as if these pieces would never come back, they certainly have, and you need to look for yours once again. Remember, the greener, the better!

Wide-leg denim all the way

Let’s all welcome back wide leg pants! A chance to use denim in a total different way. Plus, it helps you look elegant and tall. Match them with a Denim top and voilà. (Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake from 2002 would be very, very proud.)

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