What’s going on in Milano fashion week?

By Alejandra Hernandez

Spaceman suits and lampshade looks in Moschino, twin vibes in Emporio Armani and the return of the drop waist in Prada, what’s going on at Milan fashion week? Though news from around the world are impacting millions, and sad decisions are being taken at the moment, but as life must go on, fashion shows are still taking place and attendees are still making their way to their seats. If you’ve been quite disconnected from what’s happening in the industry, let’s make a recap on what MFW’s been showing us directly from one of the most beautiful cities in the word, Milano.  

Let’s start with Fendi

Layers and lingerie aesthetics, opera gloves and pastel colors. A perfect way of telling the world Sex and The City’s vibes are back, and pink accessories are here to stay.  Kim Jones decided to reference a Lagerfield-designed Fendi show back in the 2000’s. Nothing new, as we all know Jones, just as Karl, loved referencing the past to create something new.

Next: Roberto Cavalli

Fausto Puglisi knows how to catch celebrities’ attentions (and their stylists’). This collection is sure to be seen on red carpets, just like Zendaya’s spinal cord dress. The brand opted for sexy leather pieces and of course, animal prints. One of the most viewed pieces was a large patterned coat mixed with black leather and a beautiful black belt.

Prada: The elegant take on Y2K

Miuccia and Raf re-used their menswear futuristic show space but instead of travelling to the future with their collection, they looked a bit the past. The return of the tank top and the dropped waist would have given us enough to talk about without the on-point casting choices, with none other than Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer closing the show. Best brand-actor pairing of the season!

Of course, Moschino

If you want to watch a Jeremy Scott show, you have to be ready for everything. His collection replicated the bedroom scene from Stanley Kibrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, down to the wall molding and the Renaissance paintings. That answers why space suits, chandeliers and elegant looks were seen all in one place, and it made sense (and yes, we loved it).

Last but not least: Diesel

Glenn Marten’s been changing the game ever since he was named creative director of the jeans brand. The runway featured enormous inflatable figures in tribute to Christina Aguilera and models wore metallic make up. Breath-taking denim coats and tops were seen, as well as long leather boots and bright metallic total looks.

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