The 5 coolest nail trends of the season!

By Alejandra Hernandez

After not going to an actual nail salon for a year, we’ve all mastered the art of at-home-manicure. Though it wasn’t that bad, there’s nothing like going back and getting a design made by our favorite nail artists. Whether you prefer a set of nude tones or colored stripes, what’s great about these trends is that they completely adjust to your personal style. We saw a lot of pastels and long acrylics in 2020, but with summer just around the corner, there are a lot of new amazing trends you can try for your life without lockdowns. If you are running out of inspiration, here are some of the coolest of the season!

French manicures are back

If you like going a little more minimal when choosing a nail design, this is a perfect option. Either multicolored, textured, or white, this effort-less mani will always be on point! Plus, golden rings look perfect with this trend.


Since the 90s are coming back and 2000s fashion is on its way, go for a swirly design to look perfectly vintage. When getting this design, choose a mix of pastels and bright colors. They look great together and create an amazing design for the season.

Neon, of course

Always think of bright lime greens and oranges when looking to pair a summer tan with your nails! Plus, they will be that pop of color in your look if you are not feeling like adding some brights to your outfit that day. Remember the future is neon!

Emilio Pucci-inspired

Are you a designer-inspired nail art fan? Emilio Pucci’s trend is gaining a lot of likes this season and looks gorgeous paired with short or long acrylic nails. (Adding bright shades to Pucci’s designs is essential!)   

Plaids for summer!

Inspired by Clueless, plaids will always look amazing on nails (and on mini skirts!). Colored grids will take more time than usual but its completely worth it. Guaranteed!

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