90s fashion is so back!

By Alejandra Hernandez

Flared jeans, chokers, hoop earrings, crop tops, overalls, scrunchies… The 90s are back! But wait… back? Weren’t the ‘90s like, yesterday?! It’s time to face the truth, some trends we thought were once modern are now vintage. And guess what? Everyone is wearing them, again! Thanks to TVs or home computers, fashion in this decade became widely available to anyone. Inspired by the 60s and the futuristic views of the 2000s, this so-called 90s fashion became a mix of ideas that gave in result a fashion trend that’s going to keep coming back for decades.

Taking a retro trend and rocking it isn’t always easy: What did real teens and women used to wear? How can we style those clothes again on a daily basis? Where do I look for inspiration?. The truth is, styling this pieces in 2021 will always have an updated twist, but don’t worry, we’ve  got you! Designers like Helmut Lang (the king of 90s minimalism) and Gianni Versace left us amazing trends we can still follow. Want to update your wardrobe or just have a touch of nostalgia?, here’s what to wear if you want to look like a fabulous straight-out-of-the-90s icon:

High rise jeans, but make them modern

Thanks to their relaxed fit, a high waist and distressed detailing, these jeans have the look and feel of a vintage pair from the 90s. Wear them with a turtle neck crop top and sneakers. Don’t forget a pair of oval sunglasses!

Plaid mini skirts? Yes please!

You can’t go wrong with a mini. Plus, they are obviously approved by Clueless. Pair your skirt with a plaid blazer to go all in with your 90s inspo.

Is there something more 90s than tiny shoulder bag?

A worn-tight-to-the-body short strap shoulder bag is always a MUST. These little icons will last forever (even if the only thing you can carry is your phone!)

Did someone say OVERALLS?

Say yes to one-pieces! Don’t forget to add a flannel shirt and white sneakers, they will transport you back to watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on the couch.

Go get a cardigan!

The 90’s were a prime time for sweater sets and cardigans. In 2021, they are a perfect summer purchase! Tip: choose a green one, it’s the color of the season!

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Image courtesy of Pujka, by Ludovic James Dias