Our favorite hair trends of the season

By Alejandra Hernandez

Are you currently on that phase where you don’t know whether to cut your hair or dye it a certain way? Are you looking for a sign to call the salon? Welcome, this article is perfect for you. We are true believers that a nice haircut can help you lift your spirits and it’s perfectly normal to want a change. Remember, you’ll never know how it’ll look like until you actually do it, so don’t stay with the -what if’s and let go of your fears. Want some inspiration for your new look? Here are our favorite hair trends of the season!

Face framing bangs

What’s better for a change of look than face framing bangs? If you love styling your hair on a daily basis, this haircut is perfect for you. Tip: Want to take to the next level? Try bright colors or a different shade than usual on your hair at the same time. You’ll thank us later.

Cute rounded ‘fro

When thinking of this amazing haircut, the first person that comes to our mind is Imaan Hammam. A cute rounded ‘fro lets your natural hair flow free. Never be afraid of rocking it and remember to keep it hydrated so it always looks perfect.

Curtain Bangs

This haircut can be categorised as an accessory too! Curtain Bangs are a gateway to normal bangs and look beautiful with long hair. There are many ways to style them and they look cute with basically everything. (As seen in Paris recently).


This haircut can be styled in any way possible and dyed in any shade you want. It’s one of the most famous trends at the moment and we are big fans. (You’ll look so good, you’ll never want long hair again).

Swoopy bob

We will always love bobs. In any shape or form. If you are looking forward to getting one, don’t think twice. Yes, they need a little bit of maintenance, but we assure you will always look classy. (Chic nod to Anna Wintour included)

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