How to style opera gloves

By Alejandra Hernandez

The moment we’ve all waited for so long finally came true: opera gloves are back on the streets and yes, we are loving them. As seen on Prada and The Row, these beautiful pieces are making their way up on runways all over the world and we are here to show you how to style them for your daily life. Rule one: the longer the gloves, the better. Ready?

Do not forget your gold!

Looking for ways to show that golden ring you just purchased? Easy: pair it with black gloves. These two are perfect for a formal event or even a wine date. Remember, you decide how glamorous you want your outfit to look. (Jeans do go amazingly well with gloves, if you were wondering).

Say yes to total looks

A perfect way to rock opera gloves? All pink. As seen on the Acne Studios runway, if you want to look cooler than ever don’t forget to buy a pair of gloves that match the color of your outfit. (If the shade’s not the same, that works too.

Gloves + leather?

Have you ever thought of a nylon jersey gloves? It’s a must! If paired with leather jeans or wide leg pants, you’ll surely win the best dressed award. Plus, you can wear this amazing piece to any type of event. (Amazing right?)

With crop-tops!

There’s no need to throw away your crop-top if you want to wear gloves. Just add your favorite trench coat and voila! Tip: Match the gloves with the color of your top and watch magic unfold with your own eyes. 

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