Terms to know while starting a natural skin care routine

By Alejandra Hernandez

What’s your definition of a healthy lifestyle? Yoga? Eating your greens? Drinking water? While those habits are great for the body physically and mentally, we often give more attention to the products we buy from the supermarket and forget how important it is to double-check the ones we use on our skin. It’s not only about our physical health, a natural skin care routine is better for the planet, our animal friends and your facial future.

There are still thousand of ingredients used in skin care products that haven’t been widely tested and a lot of companies still using them even though they are extremely harmful to earth. That’s why it’s important to always opt for natural brands that make their own skin care products with non-toxic ingredients and hidden chemicals. Plus, there are a lot of natural cremes, serums and lotions created by small brands that are surprising people all over the world with their beautiful results.

If you are thinking of going green and helping the planet a bit more than you usually do, we made a list of important terms you should know while starting a natural skin care routine:

Are ingredients natural?

In other words, does it have chemicals we can’t even pronounce, created in a lab we will never find? Remember: when it comes to telling if an ingredient meets our needs, natural ingredients come from natural sources. Meaning they can be found in nature.

Fragance?! No thanks!

This word will become your enemy while shopping in the skin care aisle, but don’t worry, it’s for a good reason. Research has established that fragrances in this products are among the most common cause of sensitizing and other negative skin reactions. They can also cause problems in the long-term.

Certifications A to Z

USDA Organic: Everything that goes into the products was grown without the interference of synthetic chemicals.

Vegan: If you are uncomfortable with using animal products in your skincare routine, this product is for you.

Cruelty Free: You’ll never have to wonder if the product you are using has ever been tested on animals.

Recycle: When you are done with it, the product can go straight to the recycling bin.

Non-GMO Ingredients: No ingredient was genetically modified.

Reef Safe: Not a single ocean creature was touched while the creation of this product.

No Parabens: No skin irritations or cancer risks for you!

Sulfates and Triclosans are not our friends

For people with sensitive skin, sulfates are a cause of acne. Triclosans create dermatitis and skin irritation reactions.

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