Why should I brush my hair?

By Gabriela Cambero

Brushing your hair is a ritual that has been somewhat lost over the decades but that, before, used to be an essential part of women’s beauty routine. It’s easy to imagine a 50s boudoir with a brush posed on top of it, readily available for its owner to use it once or twice a day. Some women even carried a brush in their purses! Somewhere along the way we seem to have forgotten about this part of our beauty routine but we think it’s about time it made a comeback. Why? Here are the top benefits of brushing your hair:

Blood flow

How do nutrients travel around in your body? Exactly, the bloodstream. Brushing stimulates the scalp: when you press your skin, you see it become white and then when you stop, all the blood rushes back to that spot, right? When you brush your hair, this happens on your scalp every time the bristles press on it and glide away. And more blood coming means more nutrients, which means healthier hair.

Hair loss remedy

The first benefit brings us directly to the second. When healthier hair, with more nutrients, also means stronger hair and hair follicles. This translates not only in reduced hair loss but even hair growth in areas where it may have been thinning or disappearing. It suffices to focus on those areas to brush for an extra shot of nutrients to that hair.


The action of brushing your hair can be very relaxing. Passing the brush all around your scalp, where there are many nerve endings, automatically relaxes your whole body. The action of brushing can even feel like a moment of meditation or self-massage.


When you brush with the right brush, the bristles carry the sebum of your scalp to the rest of the hair. The sebum is the best natural hydration for the hair and when you distribute it throughout the length, it’s like you’re getting a hydrating mask, but better!

Texture and volume

Of course, brushing your hair will give it volume and shine, not only in the link term but, when you brush right, you’ll see the instant transformation. Your mane will feel more flowy and light, like in a shampoo ad.

If you’re convinced, then you’re ready to watch our new video on YouTube, where the founders of Parisian brush brand La Bonne Brosse give us a masterclass in hair brushing: