Beyond home fragrances…

By Gabriela Cambero

Parisian fragrance and home decor brand Diptyque has launched its new line La Droguerie, of household cleaning products and fragrances designed to neutralise chemical odours after housekeeping, and make of the tasks a more pleasurable experience.

La Droguerie means to infuse daily tasks, be it in the kitchen, toilette or laundry room, with the unexpected pleasure of a pleasant smell, while offering functional products that respect the environment and are made with the highest quality ingredients. Besides being functional, the formulas of La Droguerie are made from 99% natural and biodegradable ingredients and (except for the candle) have been certified by Ecocert.

The line includes an orange blossom dish soap, a natural vinegar-based surface cleaner, leather and wood care solution made from beeswax, a ceramic that will keep moths away from delicate textiles thanks to its cedar wood smell, and a basil anti-odour candle.

Its iconic Diptyque packaging transforms banal cleaning products into decor objets, at the same time it contributes to the line’s sustainability claims: the glass bottles are made from recycled materials and are rechargeable, meaning less waste is generated after we use them.

La Droguerie will be available from June 3rd.