Giorgio Armani paid tribute to Ukraine

By Alejandra Hernandez

The most important weeks in the fashion season have sadly coincided with a sad time in history that’s changing a lot of people’s lives. The world is struggling, people are suffering and lots of injustices are happening.

Since confusion and worry is pervasive all around the world, deep concern and critiques to the industry started growing in social media. Why? Although Milan fashion week coverage started disappearing from everyone’s feeds with Ukraine taking almost all the limelight, some fashion enthusiasts’ agendas are continuing like nothing is happening and people are reacting online.

But to reassure us that the industry is not as self-centered as your instagram feeds may make it seem, Giorgio Armani decided to pay tribute to Ukrainians’ struggles in a poignant way: The show was held in complete silence. This simple gesture was enough to warm our hearts and to remind us that, while the show must go on (after all, thousands of jobs depend on it), brands are people, and they work with humanity and heart.

Of course, the music-free catwalk might not help Ukranians, but it’s a sensible gesture to show importance and respect to the situation, creating a whole new conversation about ways brands can raise awareness and not forget what’s going on in the world at the moment.

Let’s not forget that Giorgio Armani was one of the first designers to highlight Covid infections back in 2020, and again he appears to be leading gestures of humanity.

La Gazette deeply regrets the war in Ukraine and urges everyone to help in any way they can. You can click here for ways to help the Ukrainian people from abroad.