Ugg boots are officially back!

By Alejandra Hernandez

What if we told you one of the most comfortable accessories of y2k are becoming a huge trend again this year, but this time… shorter? Yes, shorter! What a time to be alive. Let’s all give a warm welcome to Mini UGG boots, a must-have in your wardrobe if you want to hit the streets and let your feet feel like they’re 12 years old again (plus, they are Paris Hilton approved). Want to know how to style them? Here are 4 ways to make them look stunning!

Add tights!

A perfect way to stay cosy and show off the legs. Tights look good with almost everything and let no breeze go in between the fabric and legs. Tip: UGGs in chestnut colors will always be considered classic and they match with white, black and gray tights. If you are planning on buying a pair, these are the safest bet!

A perfect duo

If you are a big fan of long coats, UGGs match them so good it actually seems as if they were made for each other. It doesn’t matter which color you choose, as long as your coat falls below your knees and your boots are short. Complement your outfit with a pair of wide leg pants and you’ll be ready to go (to the supermarket).

Big blazers all the way!

It’s cold outside and need to look good? A blazer will always make your outfit look on point. Short UGGs have a big pro: you can wear them discretely under a good pair of wide leg pants to stay comfy in your day to day. Add statement shades for the full effect.

Two trends in one

If you’ve been watching our YouTube videos recently, quilted clothing is on top of our trend list this season and one of our favorites without a doubt. If you want to look like a model off-duty, mix-and-match both trends to elevate your look. Black UGGs are becoming a must because the color is easy to pair with other pieces. Another great option if you are thinking of buying a pair.

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