Fashion resolutions we all need for next year

By Alejandra Hernandez

Happy New Year from La Gazette! What were your resolutions for this year? Quitting social media? Meditating more? Learning a new language? Reading more books? Although these are perfect to kick off 2022, we are true believers that starting a new year with a sense of fashion intention and a conscious mindset will always pay off. It’s not too late! Let’s dive into our closets together and welcome this new year the best way possible. Here are our fashion resolutions for 2022:

I won’t buy clothes made out of polyester

As you may know, polyester is one of the most polluting fabrics out there. It uses harmful chemicals including carcinogens that when disposed off in the water and air untreated, can cause significant damages to the environment. It doesn’t last long either in good condition, after few years you’ll find your garment starting to fade and tear. It’s just not worth the damage to the environment!

I’ll support small businesses 

According to Pinterest, searches for ‘support small business’ have increased 351% over the past few weeks as Pinterest users are looking to support one-of-a-kind companies. And while this is good news, we can increase that percentage much more. Small businesses that show their values and have great products to offer should be at the top of our mind in 2022.

I won’t buy ‘one-time only’ looks

As someone who loves going out, this particular resolution will always be on my list due to the amount of times I’ve bought an outfit and never worn it again! You can always mix-and-match pieces from your wardrobe and still make them look completely brand new. It’s time to say goodbye to these kinds of endless cycles of consumption in 2022.

I’ll leave all my skinny jeans in the closet in case they become a must in the future

Although we are true believers of wearing what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, Gen Z declared that skinny jeans shouldn’t be worn any more. We kind of agree with them on this one: we are spending more time working at home anyway, so wide-leg pants and baggier pants are not that bad at all. However that’s not a reason to throw away your skinny jeans, remember fashion is cyclical and they will for sure make a comeback. Let’s all save our skinny jeans for the future!

I will shop secondhand!

If we all start extending the lifespan of our clothes, the world will be a better place. There are lots of second hand stores now (thank god) and we assure you, you can find perfect pieces that suit you amazingly. Remember, buying used clothes doesn’t mean you cannot afford something new it just means you’re giving a garment a second chance at the spotlight!

Would you add more fashion resolutions to our list? Let us know on Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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