Could this be the return of the itsy bitsy vest?

By Alejandra Hernandez

What a time to be alive! This classy garment part of the classic three-piece suit, popularised by Kate Moss, is gaining a lot of popularity these days and we are loving it. Although for decades it was only worn by men, it became a trend on every woman’s wardrobe in the late ’80s, and continued its way to the top in the early ’90s. Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid began wearing it this season and we can’t wait to add it to our next outfits too. Want to be part of this amazing comeback? We show you how…

How about a classic vest?

From formal to casual, this beautiful classic will always be a perfect option for any occasion. Want to upgrade your look? Wear it with basically nothing underneath. It is 100% Kate Moss approved and will make you look spectacular.


Are you more into asymmetrical pieces?

Not all vests have to look the same! This sleeveless v-neck piece is asymmetrical, which means it will add an original touch to your look. The belt upgrades the fit, making it perfect to wear with a pair of Prada biker boots.

Gloria Coelho

A minimal vintage button vest

Want to know what’s great about this piece? You can wear it with a pair of oversized sailor pants in the same color and look like a model off-duty. The fit is perfect for any body shape and we guarantee you will love it.


A perfect look!

If you still have doubts on how to wear this trend on a daily basis, Kendall Jenner’s here to show us how it’s done. She added a pair of sandals to make it comfy but you can always change them for a pair of leather slippers. Voilà!

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