A closer look at Lady Di’s wardrobe

By Alejandra Hernandez

Princess Diana was an undisputed fashion icon who defied the restrictions of fashion and royal style with every look she wore. From Chanel gowns to Versace evening dresses, her every wardrobe choice is becoming historic, and defined a whole generation’s style. She will always be remembered for supporting non-British designers, breaking boundaries and paving the way for fashion enthusiasts. In honor of the most photographed woman in the world at the time, here are 5 memorable looks you might not have seen before (but you probably have!).

Wearing Escada  

Princess Diana knew how to pair accessories at all times. To visit St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington and see her new-born baby nephew Louis, Lady Di opted for a silk elephant-patterned tie and an Escada suit, completed with embroidered gold elephants on the cuffs and belt.

Wearing a sea-green evening gown in London

Lady Di wore this beautiful piece while attending the premier of ‘Shirley Valentine’ at the Empire Cinema back in 1990. It was crafted by one of her favorite designers: Catherine Walker. The sea green sequins made this dress unique.

Being a poster girl in St. Tropez

She had everyone’s eye while yachting in St. Tropez back in 1997. A whole other side of Diana. Her 90s summer holiday pictures are historic and a reminder of how far ahead of time she was back in the day (and how paparazzi really never left her alone).

Skiing in 1994

Lady Di’s love for skiing was big and her fashion selections were perfect every time. With black Wayfarers and that iconic black crest hat, the Princess of Wales made a statement in 1994. She was the original ski style influencer with vibrant outerwear, like this bright red puffer jacket… before Lady Gaga on the House of Gucci too!

Versace Muse

Diana entered Gianni Versaces’s world and the game changed. She started getting along with influencers in the industry like Elton John and George Michael and started being more daring with her own sense of style. To attend the Apollo 13 premier in London, she opted for this iconic black Versace dress.

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