This is your sign to start listening to fashion podcasts

By Alejandra Hernandez

Are you a fan of podcasts? This way of communicating is now a must in everyone’s routines thanks to how accessible they are and how much you can learn from them. It just takes a second to type a topic on your favorite platform, choose the podcast that suits you best and voilà! Plus, there are plenty of them and it’s a perfect way to upgrade your knowledge in any subject, including fashion. Don’t know which to listen first? Let us guide you with our top picks:

The Business of Fashion Podcast

If you are familiar to BOF, this one’s for you. A perfect trustworthy source with episodes running every two weeks involving major fashion issues happening at the moment as well as news and business trends you need to know about. Give it a try!

The Wardrobe Crisis

We take environmental issues very seriously, which is why you need to give this podcast a listen. Clare Press (Vogue Australia’s first sustainability editor) launched it on 2017. A perfect way to learn more of fashion’s huge impact on the environment.

So… What Do You Do Again?

This podcast is basically magic. Naomi Elizée guides us through the backstories and obstacles faced by women of color on fashion. A must for everyone who works in the industry. Find it on Spotify.

Dressed: The History of fashion

Perfect for immersing in fashion history. A very specific podcast full of important facts related to what we wear on a daily basis and their origins. Hosted by Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan. Find it on iHeartRadio.

Which one’s your favorite? Let us know on our Twitter account! And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!