How to style your favorite beanie this season?

By Alejandra Hernandez

Time to dive into your closet and find your favorite beanies once again! Since cold weather is back, these knitted hats are becoming a must. Plus, they look amazing with almost everything and you can find them in plenty of colors and shapes. Are you ready to take them to the next level?

Monochrome looks + beanies = perfection

If you are lucky enough to find a beanie that exactly matches your look, feel free to add it to it. It will make you look elegant and cozy. Tip: It doesn’t really matter what color you choose as long as you feel good wearing it!

Knitted grandma beanie

Go back in time! Knitted beanies in all shapes and colors will always be on trend. Add a colored sweater and rain boots for a cabincore look. Don’t forget to curl your hair!

Trench coat lover?

Great news! Beanies and trench coats are excellent partners. What’s better? You can choose any beanie and we assure its going to look phenomenal. Tip: You can always make your look formal or informal. Add stilettos for a cute dinner or white sneakers to go grocery shopping!

Puffy jackets

A perfect look for cold weather. Upgrade your outfit using colored socks and white sneakers. Tip: If you have long hair, braid it for a 90s look!

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