Okay, but who dresses Dua Lipa?

By Alejandra Hernandez

Are you a fan of Dua Lipa’s wardrobe? Welcome, you are in the right place. If you’ve been following her since 2017 right when ‘New Rules’ and ‘Be the one’ came out, you’ve witnessed her incredible wardrobe upgrade. Want to know what exactly happened? Let us introduce you to Lorenzo Posocco, Dua Lipa’s stylist and the one who turned her into a fashion icon.

But first of all, who is he?!

He is an Italian stylist, whose inspiration comes from the 80s and 90s fashion scene in Italy. He was into fashion design at first, but then changed his mind and opted for a degree in Marketing and Communications. After that, he attended a variety of part-time internships and finally joined an independent fashion magazine for 5 years, where he got the chance to interview designers, coordinate editorials and immerse himself into styling.

How did he get into music styling?

Lorenzo was MTV’s assistant stylist years before leaning towards editorial. He decided to get into the music business again a couple of years later (thank god!) and made us love him ever since. In an interview with Paper magazine he said: ‘I love fashion editorials, but they don’t generally have the same reach and impact of music and celebrities. I understand first-hand the impact they can have on anyone, no matter what country, demographic, background’.

He’s got a big client list!

If you thought he only made magic in Dua Lipa’s wardrobe, you are wrong! His client list includes Troye Sivan, Col3trane and All Saints. He has also worked on advertising campaigns for Kenzo, Bulgari and Stella McCartney.

Some of our favorite looks:

On SNL, wearing Valentino Haute Couture, Alaïa and Mugler.

The Versace Butterfly dress, worn at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

At the 2018th BRIT Awards, wearing Giambattista Valli.

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