Who actually followed this year’s Met Gala theme?

By Alejandra Hernandez

After months of waiting, thousands of people witnessed yesterday’s historical Met Gala. A big day full of American looks and beautiful gowns. Where un-vaccinated A-Listers couldn’t enter but TikTokers were invited. After seeing and understanding each look, we noticed that only a few decided to adapt their outfits to Mrs. Wintour’s selected theme: ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’. Let’s be clear: Not following themes is kind of ‘normal’ nowadays, but we are true believers of how important it is to do it and how following it makes this gala unique. In our opinion, guests should play the game!

Here are the guests that got the assignment…

Lupita Nyong’o in Versace

This was a perfect choice. Why? Denim is an emblematic element that transports us directly to American fashion. The idea of the dress is genius.

Imaan Hammam in Versace

What comes to your mind when you see stars on a gown? America. This was another way of perfectly pulling off this year’s theme completely. Elegant and simple at the same time.

Pharrel in Chanel western wear

The best thing about this look? It was designed by Karl Lagerfield himself. A total outfit that followed the theme beautifully thanks to its cowboy/rodeo inspiration. Plus, this collection was presented at a rodeo in Dallas, Texas in 2014 (Chanel pre-fall). We love archives.  

Debbi Harry In Zac Posen

Just yes. This outfit screams America. All the way. As predicted in our quick pre-Met Gala guide this morning, flag prints were expected, and Zac Posen did his homework.

Gigi Hadid in Prada

Gigi? More like Jessica Rabbit. The theme was perfectly followed due to the brand’s inspiration in Hollywood and their famous divas, better known as the original American stars.

J.Lo in Ralph Lauren

How did she follow the theme? By wearing an American designer. Plus, her look was inspired by the old west. Adding that hat and the cowboy-ish necklace was a perfect way to demonstrate an all-American inspiration.

Billie Eilish in Oscar De La Renta

Old Hollywood vibes. This elegant gown was a complete yes to this year’s theme and it was Marilyn Monroe inspired. She wore Oscar de la Renta on the condition that they no longer use fur, and the brand accepted the terms!

Kendall Jenner in Givenchy

It seems like doing modern takes on classic looks was a must this year. Miss Jenner’s custom Givenchy dress was inspired by the iconic Audrey Hepburn’s look in My Fair Lady. Yes, old Hollywood at its best.

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