What you need to know before the Met Gala 2021

By Alejandra Hernandez

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute benefit gala is finally back. This year’s theme? ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.’ And yes, it’s happening right during fashion week (this evening, to be precise!). With Timothée Chalamet, Naomi Osaka, Amanda Gorman and Billie Eilish as hosts, this year’s elegant extravaganza is looking very promising and we are ready. Want to know more before being a witness of this magical event?

I don’t understand the theme!

We’ve got you. The Met Gala is highly known for its hard follow-through themes each year. Mrs. Wintour decided ‘American Independence’ was a good way to find out for newer avant-garde names in the American fashion industry. Saying this doesn’t mean big brands like Tom Ford or Ralph Lauren are not in the list.

What will we see this year?

Since Met gala is quite unpredictable sometimes, we assume American red flag colors will be all over the place, as well as mid-west/far western 1800s vibes. Jackie Kennedy could possibly be a big inspiration to many stylists this year and vintage free-expression/self-invention details could also be added.

What should I know about American designers?

When thinking of American designers, some famous names may pop-up in your head. This Met Gala wants to make people think differently about American fashion. In Mr. Bolton’s words (he’s the curator of the Costume Institue): ‘American designers have been at the forefront of wrestling with contemporary issues, be ethical, sustainable and social.’ ‘In many ways, American fashion still exists more as a possibility than a surety’, said Eric Darnell Pritchard, english professor at the University of Arkansas.

Anything I might have missed?

This beautiful gala is originally held the first Monday of May. Then Covid-19 arrived and changed everyone’s lives, of course. September 13th, 2021 is now entering fashion history, as the date just when the industry decided it was time to stage a mega come-back.

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