The best summer lipstick shades

By Alejandra Hernandez

Let’s be honest, a good tan and a great lipstick will always look perfect together. With our favorite season arriving and a lot of makeup trends going on at the moment, the real question is: Which shades will be our go-to this summer? Sometimes selecting makeup in the hottest season is difficult, but we’ve got you. Remember, everything gets a little brighter in these months!

Whether you opt for a nude look, a traffic-stopping red or a perfect glossy shade, vivid pops of color seem to be the go-to this season. (Great news for those who love color). So take your time and scroll through them all. You may find your new favorite look!

Go for Luminous shades!

For bright colors, we find creme lipsticks a good option to have a confident after look. This Rare beauty orange-red shade has great intense pigments that will make you look flawless. Plus, it’s vegan!

Givenchy never fails to impress us. This fuchsia matte shade is perfect for summer, the color lasts for at least 12 hours. (Feel free to go to the pool without having to worry at all).

Sunny Punchy Pink

Looking forward to adding a color punch to your natural go-to look? Nothing better than using this shade of pink. It pairs amazingly well with white outfits and make your tan look flawless. Plus, it’s a blush too!

Soft Nude Shades

What about a satin shade to compliment your sun kissed-look? Undertones are great when looking for a nude look. (Better if it has glitter!)

Shiny Red ? Give it to me!

Glam looks will always be a trend, that’s for sure. Yves Saint Laurent created a slim rouge stick that will always fit your purse. A tip: This type of shades will elevate your look and make you feel casual at the same time.

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