Sustainable cashmere for the summer

The material is traditionally associated to the warmest, softest sweaters and throws but, did you know you cashmere can also be a great option for the warmer seasons? Not only that, but it can be one of the most sustainable to use in clothes because of its traceability, meaning it’s easier to know which farm it comes from than when it comes to cotton or linen.

The Paris based brand Linnea Lund takes it a step further: to avoid over-production and wasted stock, their collections are sold as made-to-order. Clients go to the boutique or online, select their preferred model and choose from the big colour palette available for the piece, which is set in accord between Charlotte (the designer) and the cashmere atelier, taking them even more into consideration than regular brands, and making the process a true collaboration.

The cashmere is collected in Mongolia, with an artisanal cruelty-free technique: instead of shaving the animals to collect their hair, the shepherds comb them during the spring. This technique allows hair of uniform length and thus, results a softer cashmere. The piece itself is made in Italy by expert artisans and the client receives their unique choice in 2 weeks at home.

This process, developed by Swedish designer Charlotte Björklund, results not only the upmost respect for nature and people in the supply chain, but also in a price that, as she puts it, “allows cashmere to be for all”.

And for every season! She mixes it with silk for pieces perfect for any summer wardrobe, and presents timeless designs that can keep you looking fresh during warm days or comfy during your plane travels during the holidays. Check out our selection of our favourite summer pieces from Linnea Lund here:

You can visit Linnea Lund at 7 Rue de Furstemberg, 75006 in Paris, or online at

Images courtesy of the brand