Chilean fashion lands in Paris

By Gabriela Cambero

This month, the Chilean embassy, through ProChile France, welcomed some of the most important designers of Santiago’s fashion scene. We got a chance to visit the showroom and we’re happy to share with you the work of some of them.

Guido Vera

Hailing from the Chilean capital, Guido proposes prêt-à-porter inspired by the landscapes of Patagonia. The sustainable brand favours the use of natural noble materials. It has already been internationally recognised by several publications and has shown in Russian fashion week.

Lupe Gajardo

A luxury artisanal brand, Lupe Gajardo transforms its women in greek statues trough draping. Her work has been shown in London and in numerous international magazines. As part of her collections, her Zerowaste pieces utilise the whole piece of fabric, avoiding waste that ends up in landfills.

Martín Lüttecke

This genderless brand believes clothes should be a tool for expression and a source of joy. Its collection are inspired by Latin-American diversity and sustainability is at the center of its practices. Inclusion is paramount for Martín Lüttecke so they offer their designs in a wide large array of sizes to make them available to a wider audience.

Munay Sisters

Founded by sisters Loreto and Pía Leiva, the prêt-à-porter brand proposes a gender-neutral wardrobe of high quality, lasting pieces. For them, it’s important to properly compensate workers in their supply chain and they’re highly committed to fair trade.

Toru & Naoko

The luxury inclusive lingerie brand is already being sold at prestigious retailers world wide. Their collections are certified Climate Neutral, which means they offset their carbon emissions to a 100%. The pieces are made at the designer’s atelier in Santiago, by hand.


Through her creations, María Paz seeks to share her country’s identity. Her jewellery is characterised by the use of unusual materials, such as recycled silver, Patagonian Coal, Desert Salt, mixed with precious metals and stones. Every piece is handmade in Santiago.

We hope you enjoyed this fashion trip south of the Equator as much as we did. Luckily and thanks to online shopping, we can get our favourite designs delivered to our doorsteps. Plus, you’ll be supporting young and sustainable brands, so shop away!