How to wear the color of the season: Green!

By Alejandra Hernandez

Trend alert: green, green, green! If you are planning on buying summer clothes this month, prepare yourself: there’s a huge chance of seeing a lot of green accessories and clothing while you shop. But why!? Designers like The Attico, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta included green shades in their spring/summer collections, automatically making it the color of the season. Plus, styling it is easier than it looks (and a perfect way to add a pop of color to your outfits.) Are you ready to change the game?

A green blazer is a MUST!

Paired with sandals, sneakers or heels, a green blazer will always make you look trendy no matter how you style it. Remember, there are no rules for using it and yes, you can even wear it with yoga pants!

Green everywhere!

Ahh yes, nothing like a head-to-toe green outfit to make you look like a just-stepped-off-the-runway model. Don’t be afraid if the color is a bit more extravagant than those you usually wear. Tip: Match the shades perfectly, it will help you feel more confident if it’s your first time trying this trend. 

What about these shoes?

Are you a shoe lover? Green heels are a must in your closet right now. Pair them with a white small leather or denim skirt, and your favorite nude colored crop-top to make your outfit look perfect. White wide-leg pants are a great option if you prefer a 70s influenced outfit.

Rainy day?

Have you ever thought of adding a trench coat to your outfit to elevate it? Add a green t-shirt underneath next time. You’ll thank us later. Try wearing neutral colors with this mix to make a good balance of tones.

Do not forget to pack your bikini!

Thinking of buying swimsuits? TRY A GREEN BIKINI! This color for sure makes you feel a-m-a-z-i-n-g and the best part of it: it will complement your tan. Tip: wear gold necklaces and hoops!

Green biker shorts? YES PLEASE!

Remember: biker shorts don’t necessarily need to be worn while riding a bike. Match them with a blazer with the same tone as them and a pastel colored shirt to look *chef’s kiss*. You’ll for sure look fabulous wherever you go.

For more summer 2021 trends go watch our video below. It’s never too late to include them in your closet! (P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe!)

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Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta