6 things to consider before getting bangs

By Alejandra Hernandez

Having an itch for bangs that you can’t get off your mind? Welcome to a completely normal struggle we’ve all faced in our lives.  When done right, bangs can transform your face, enhance your features and make you look cool, all at the same time. You can wear them with a bob, chopped to the side, parted right down the middle, extremely small, edgy. The truth is, there are infinite ways to style this trendy cut, and we know you may have a lot of questions before doing it. If you want to look amazing post-lockdown, sit down and relax, we’ll do the hard part for you.

Know your face shape

We all bring reference photos to the stylist when getting a new hairstyle, right? As simple as this may seem, there’s something you need to know before doing it. We all have different face shapes and in order to achieve the bangs of your dreams you need to have a look at yours. Is your jawline oval-shaped? Go for baby bangs! Long face? Long layered bangs give the perfect balance. Does your hairline start more than four fingers away from your eyebrows? You have more options with how to style your bangs. Remember: always bring a reference photo that looks like your face shape to get the perfect cut.

Don’t cut them by yourself

Remember, bangs are front and center of your face. It may look easy, but we all need the work of a stylist to help us not cutting them uneven, make them fit perfectly to our faces and achieve the vibe we want to give off. Another great thing? A stylist can make it look cooler than you were expecting by adapting to your particular features.

Bangs take about a year to grow out.

Before jumping on the bangs bandwagon, you need to know it can take up to 12 months to grow them out. If this makes you nervous, you can always start with a soft, thinner cut. Bangs are a tempting choice, but sometimes you may want to keep your hairstyle more neutral for a party or an important meeting.

Love wearing sunglasses like us?

If you need to wear glasses on a daily basis, or you simply love wearing shades, let your stylist know! They may affect the length of your bangs. Rather over or under, there’s always an alternative to fit them and make them look trendy if they get in the way.

Make time to trim them on your agenda!

The frequency with which you trim your bangs depends completely on the style. Stylists recommend doing it every three to eight weeks. They require time and maintenance to look amazing all the time. If you are always busy, consider making time for them as if they were an important appointment you need to keep to every 4 weeks. (It’s worth it).

Curly-haired? Yes you can

Curly bangs are a fun way to play with your hair. If you loooove letting your natural curls float free, you can’t miss out on this style. It may require a bit more care and products to make them look perfect, but using them on a daily basis will can make your curls look so 2021. Celebrities like Zendaya show us how great curls compliment bangs.  

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