What to wear with wide leg pants

By Alejandra Hernandez

Today’s the day. It’s time to wear those recently purchased wide-leg pants hanging in your wardrobe. And guess what? Nothing’s going to stop you from doing it, not even lack of outfit inspiration. These beauties are basic for summer and work perfectly for every situation. And yes, even while working from home. Remember, when it comes to wearing them, it’s as much about where you’re going as it is about the pants. Still doubting? Keep reading, we’ve got your back.  

Wide-leg pants will be your secret weapon for this season. They are a perfect alternative to sweatpants. Plus, you can make them look formal and be comfy at the same time (Amazing, right?). Designers like Gabriela Hearst, Gucci and The Row are known for their bell-bottom pants that look nothing like their disco-fever ancestors. So yes, there’s something happening with cool voluminous wide-leg pants that you can be a part of!

Neon Vibes

It’s a going out with friends kind-of-day? Grab your favorite sandals! We know you love them even if there is not a single pool on sight. Styling tip: add a blazer, it will look fabulous.

Formal all the way!

Here’s a secret formula: Wide leg pants + Heels = Extra loooooong fancy legs. That’s for sure. Plus, this mix is perfect for work. Styling tip: Adding a turtle neck crop-top actually helps accentuating the waistline.

Printed Matter

Love printed t-shirts as much as we do? Pair them with wide legs pants and voila! Remember, It doesn’t matter if colors don’t match as long as you feel comfortable wearing it. Styling tip: It’s time to use every single golden necklace you own (Add beads, too!).

The basics

A white collared shirt is basic if you want to go a little more classy (As proven by Carolina Herrera’s and Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe). Styling tip: The bigger the cuffs, the better.  

Too hot?

We know it’s hard wearing pants while the sun is shinning at its warmest. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Add a colored crop top to feel fresh. Styling tip: the 2000’s are back and so are printed crop tops. If you are lucky enough to still own that top you used to wear back then, its your time to bring it back to the game.

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