5 sunglasses trends that will be huge this summer

By Alejandra Hernandez

Looking forward to elevate your outfit this season? A good pair of statement sunglasses will always be game changers. This accessory can take your look from 0 to 100 in an instant. We know shielding your eyes behind a pair of shades after a year of mask-wearing may be a little weird, but we promise you’re going to fall in love with this statement piece all over again. Whether you prefer ‘90s styles, cat-eye frames or oversized, there’s no shortage of stylish sunglasses.

Whatever style you choose, we know it’s never easy to pick the perfect ones. To guide you through the huge amount of choice, we’ve listed 5 summer trends and a perfect example to help you make a wise decision. Prepare your credit card and keep on reading!

Tinted Aviators

Reworked with thicker acetate frames and different tones, this shades came to stay. Again.

Isabel Marant

Oversized and Squared

Looking for something stunning to wear everywhere? These retro sunnies go with practically everything. Choosing a square shape accentuates your angular features for a more stylish and defined look.


Rectangle vibes            

When you what to feel those 90s vibes, this right-angle shades are amazing and extremely comfortable. Big but not too big, thin but not too thin. Plus, they pair perfectly with wide-leg pants.



Whether going for a run or going out with your best glam-look, this must-have futuristic frames will definitely elevate your look. (And you’ll always feel ahead of time).

Bottega Veneta

Bugs? Where?!                       

There’s nothing to worry about, these shades will keep away any lurking near your face. Might even help keep you with social distancing rules (Edna “E” Mode would be so proud). If you are doubting, this pieces are Pierre Cardin’s favs. Enough said.


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